Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I really cannot afford to hire someone to represent me in Court. If I try to represent myself, I can still get the same deal as you, can’t I?

A: Not really! Our experience lets us find the best resolution of your matter, especially traffic tickets. You may not know that the “deal” that is being offered to you by the Prosecutor may, in fact, cost you a lot of money in the long run through increased insurance premiums. You would not know that the repercussions of the plea that you entered can have an effect on your insurance rates for years, or what impact the CVOR points will have on your driver’s abstract or the company’s abstract if you are a professional truck driver.

Q: It doesn’t really matter who I hire, so why can’t I just hire the person or company who is the cheapest?

A: This is your driving record and your insurance premiums. Our prices are competitive with all other paralegals and lawyers in the area. If you hire us, you are also getting years of experience from a former prosecutor who knows how the courts work and what parameters prosecutors work within, including what a prosecutor can and cannot do. Sometimes, paying less does not really get you the best representation for the least amount of money.